About us

Khalsa Watches 1699 was founded in 2019 – inspired by the 320th anniversary of the founding of the revered Khalsa movement.
Each Khalsa 1699 watch carries the Khanda – and with it; its powerful and exotic history, a magical martial heritage and a statement like no other. To wear a Khalsa 1699 timepiece is to embody the spirit of freedom – to be free from hate and fear.
The team at Khalsa Watches 1699 put their hearts and souls into the conceptualisation, manufacture and presentation of each watch. Each collection is designed with purpose, selecting materials, proportions, movements and contrasting elements to be a manifestation of the spirit of the brand.
Our quality assurance team strives to meet and maintain the highest standards so that anyone can enjoy wearing our watches and proudly pass it on for future generations. Based in Australia, we offer shipping to watch lovers worldwide, for more information on shipping time, click here. For further information, contact our friendly team.

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